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Clay litter is the most common cat litter. But have you ever considered its effects on your cat, and even more broadly, the environment?

Clay litter impacts the environment through strip mining.

All clay-based litter is made from bentonite clay, which is extracted by strip mining. Strip mining is a non-regenerative form of mining, where clay is removed from the top layer of soil. This can severely erode the soil and reduce its fertility for future generations. 

And while many mining companies are trying to restore the soil, it’s hard to find hard data to support their claims that all is well once they leave. 

Regardless, it takes millions of years for new mineral deposits to form in the Earth. So clay is considered a nonrenewable resource.

Not to mention, the bentonite of the clay is made of a known carcinogen called “aluminum phyllosilicate.” That alone is reason enough to avoid clay litters. 

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