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So you’ve done your research and decided it’s time to transition to organic litter.

Anytime you change cat litter, you want to have a plan. Here are a few tips to keep in mind along the way:

1. (Slow) Change is Good

Cats notice abrupt changes – so try to slowly transition them to Clover. Mix a half inch of pellets into your litter box, mixed with a few small scoops of the dirty litter from the older box. Gradually add more pellets over the coming days until you are fully switched to Clover.

2. Keep the Litter Box Clean

This seems like an obvious one – but cats do not like dirty litter boxes. Save for the old litter you will mix with Clover, keep their litter box clean and fresh – as it will make it more appealing for your cat.

3. Make the Switch!

Once your cat has accepted the majority of Clover pellets, you can clean out the litter box and go 100% natural to Clover. Be mindful of your cat’s mood and how your cat reacts from this point on. If there is regression, you can always start over and make a gradual transition to organic litter again.

Ready to switch go all-natural? Switch to Clover