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National Cat Day is October 29 every year. From the official website:

“We live to celebrate cats and help them to find forever homes. Through our large social media & press platform, all year long we’re able to partake in the wonderful world of cats and put the plight of cats in shelters, center stage. We educate literally millions all year long but on October 29th….it’s party time! We encourage you to spoil your fur baby a little more on National Cat Day than any other day (you don’t want them to get too demanding do you?) by buying them a new toy drenched in cat nip, giving them something simply scrumptious to eat, offering LOTS more cuddling and making a donation to your local shelter in their honor.

The best way you can celebrate though is to save a life! So if you can…ADOPT….don’t shop.

Estimates reveal that there are approximately 4 million cats entering shelters every year with 1-2 million being euthanized.

Often cats are overlooked and under-appreciated because they don’t usually have jobs like dogs. But cats still lower blood pressure, offer unconditional love and companionship, tons of laughs, and alert their owner to danger. Many cats have been named heroes. So take that…dogs!”

If you’re gearing up to celebrate National Cat Day, consider surprising your favorite furry friend with a clean, guilt-free gift. While most cat litters use chemicals and contain harmful additives, Clover is an all-natural and powerful clover-based litter that’s better for your cat, your home, and the environment.