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green club leaf with water dew - organic cat litter

The Importance of Organic Cat Litter

Why is organic cat litter so important? It’s the question that got us into creating…
orange tabby kitten in grasses

Making the Transition to Clover Organic Litter

So you've done your research and decided it's time to transition to organic litter. Anytime…
mountain range with terraces - clay litter

Clay Litter + Strip Mining

Clay litter is the most common cat litter. But have you ever considered its effects…
selective focus photography of woman hugging gray kitten - national cat day

National Cat Day

National Cat Day is October 29 every year. From the official website: "We live to…
selective focus photo of gray tabby cat

3 Things to Know About Cat Litter

Your cat's litter experience is important to consider. Here are a few things to keep…
shallow focus photography of white and brown cat

Deep Cleaning Your Litter Box

It's the inevitable job every cat owner faces: cleaning the litter box. But it doesn't…

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