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Cat-lover litter

Safe. Organic. Powerful.

Finally, a natural cat litter that actually works.

Most cat litters use chemicals and contain harmful additives. Clover is an all-natural and powerful clover-based litter that's better for your cat, your home, and the environment.

Centered around you and your cat.

That’s Clover. And we’re dedicated to making your life easier and your cat’s litter experience like no other.

Pellet Power.

Other litters have harmful additives that interact with your cat, your home and the environment.

Clover created a solution that’s better for everyone – with all-natural, powerful clover-based pellets.

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Naturally Attracts.

A natural Clover-based litter that keeps cats coming back, time and again.

Through extensive research and testing at our organic farm, we’ve found the perfect clover combination to keep your cats coming back to the litter box.

Why Clover?

The Cat-lovers have spoken.

“This cat litter is mind-blowing 🤯 I didn't know what to expect, but Clover worked amazing!”

Jenny S.Cat-lover


“I like that it's all-natural and safe for my cat. That is a huge piece of mind.”



“I am a lifelong cat owner and have tried many litters. I am sold on the Clover brand. It is exactly what I have been seeking. 😻”



“I have been breeding exotic cats for over 30 years and this is the lowest dust, best smelling, most absorbent litter I have ever used. The bonus of chemical free and all natural proves to be the most pet safe litter on the market.”



“I have been using Clover for the past 6 months and I am completely satisfied. I love the fresh smell and low dust. This is any easy all natural choice for my feline babies.”



Don’t take our word for it.

See why people love Clover.
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It’s time to change your cat’s litter, for good.

It's the natural next step.
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Renewable Resource.
Powerful Performance.

Clover consistently outperforms other litters – including clay and wood.


Keep your home free from litter dust and your lungs clean. Low Dust also means your cat’s litter stays in their box and doesn’t get tracked around the house.



Cats sometimes have problems adapting to litter training – which is why we’ve included a natural cat attractant. Keep your cat coming back – again and again.



Take away smells from the litter box and the home. The ultra-absorbant power of the Clover eco-blend takes care of liquids, solids, and odors – all at the same time.


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See why so many are switching to Clover cat litter.

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